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“GIRL SEEMS JEALOUS”: Swifties Slam Travis Kelce’s Publicist Pia Malihi After she SHADES Taylor Swift with ‘CLOWN’ Emoji-Travis Reacts



Travis Kelce,Taylor Swift and Pia Malihi



Travis Kelce’s publicist, Pia Malihi, featured in a friend’s birthday post with Taylor Swift, sparking controversy among the NFL fans. Seemingly, she had added a controversial ‘clown’ emoji over the pop singer’s face, which many people interpreted as an indirect criticism of the singer.

Since then, Pia has received a lot of backlash for shading Swift. Her Instagram account currently is private and it’s unclear whether her account was always private or if it became so after this incident. Yet, through all possible means, Traylor fans have been critical of Travis Kelce’s Publicist for the possible shade thrown toward the musician.

A fan page of Taylor Swift, ‘taylahschild,’ shared a post on Instagram, stating, “Travis Kelce’s publicist, Pia Malihi, shades Taylor on her Instagram story!” They further explained that it was Pia’s birthday, and she reposted the collage of pictures her friend had uploaded. Though, with one picture consisting of Swift prominently, the music star’s face had been covered with a clown emoji.


Pia Malihi and Travis Kelce in green Outfit

The emoji could either have been added by Pia herself or her friend in question, who had uploaded the birthday story initially. It’s uncertain if Pia’s actions were intentional or carried any specific meaning. Regardless of intent, it’s acknowledged that the action feels weird and shady. Witnessing the same, the fans of the couple and Swift herself were quick to jump into the comments section of the post.

“Girl Seems Jealous,” a comment directed at Kelce’s spokesperson, Malihi, reflected how she must have felt sidelined in her own birthday post in a way with the presence of Swift in the snippets. One fan expressed their disagreements with her probable actions, stating how she was out of line and crossing the professional boundary- “So unprofessional of her to do that. it’s def she doesn’t like Taylor. if that was my publicist, she was a danger to my own career.”

Pia Malihi

Some people also supported Malihi, addressing how the incident must have been a mistake and was not necessary to drag it out of proportion, writing, “Let’s be real it was a mistake and Pia doesn’t deserve hate. I’m a Taylor fan but the hate is too much.” Others just reflected upon how the whole situation was sad and unasked for, replying, “It’s just a mistake. Sad.”

However, despite her professional background, the post Pia shared seems to have earned her no support from the online viewers. Speculations have arisen due to her association with Scooter Braun. Allegedly, Taylor Swift’s fans have started pointing out that Malihi has reportedly worked with Scooter Braun, who is arguably the arch-nemesis of Swifties.

It remains unclear if this association plays a role in the current situation. What do you think about the whole occurrence surrounding Swift and Kelce’s publicist? Let us know in the comments.

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