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Meghan Markle’s sister’s lawyer wants Kate Middleton to testify against her sister-in-law



Kate Middleton,.


Amidst the ongoing complexity within the British Royal Family, a fresh wave of turmoil has surged from across the Atlantic.

The legal feud between Meghan Markle and her half-sister Samantha is set to ensnare none other than Kate Middleton, adding another layer of complication to an already fraught situation. In an exclusive conversation with Vanitatis, Peter Ticktin, Samantha’s attorney, reveals their plans to appeal the court’s decision in Tampa, Florida, and sheds light on their strategy moving forward.

In a surprising twist, Ticktin indicates their intention to request a change of judge for a retrial, wherein they plan to summon Princess Diana to testify against her sister-in-law.

Notably, Ticktin, a longstanding associate of Donald Trump, is renowned for his legal prowess, having previously represented the former president in high-profile cases, including litigation against Hillary Clinton over alleged Russian interference in the US elections.


Meghan Markle,

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to address the media, Ticktin outlines their immediate course of action, emphasizing their intent to challenge the ruling that dismissed Samantha’s defamation lawsuit against Meghan. The lawsuit sought 70,000 euros in damages, a case Samantha ultimately lost, with the judge imposing a dismissal with prejudice, barring further legal action on the same grounds.

What else did Ticktin suggest?

Ticktin alleges political bias on the part of the judge, insinuating favoritism toward individuals critical of the British Royal Family. He anticipates that the appeal will result in a complete reassessment of the case, known as a ‘de novo’ review, circumventing the need to prove judicial misconduct.

Following the trial’s conclusion on March 12, amid speculation surrounding Kate Middleton’s alleged disappearance, Ticktin expresses disappointment at the court’s decision, deeming it alarming and asserting their commitment to pursuing justice relentlessly.

Kate Middleton

Once the appeals process resets the case, Ticktin intends to summon Kate Middleton as a witness, characterizing her as a contrast to Meghan, whom he accuses of pretense.

he legal battle, spanning several months, traces its origins back to Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.Samantha contends that Meghan orchestrated a campaign to malign her and their father, branding the interview as a fabrication designed to incite global disdain.

As the saga unfolds, the Markle sisters’ dispute promises to inject further drama into an already tumultuous period for the British Royal Family.

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