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Taylor Swift Announces 2 weeks Pregnancy As Travis Kelce’s baby comment has sent Swifties into a spiral



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift smiles


Do Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift already have baby fever? Their fans certainly think so after a comment the Kansas City Chiefs player made during a recent episode of his podcast, “New Heights.”

While chatting about NBA player Victor Wembanyama, Travis Kelce compared the athlete to a lab-grown diamond and sparked rumors that he and Swift might be thinking about children in their future.

“You can’t tell me that dude wasn’t made in a f—— lab over there in France,” he said.

Jason Kelce then noted that Wembanyama, who is 7 feet, 4 inches, must have a “pituitary thing” going on because of his size.

“Lab-grown diamonds? That’s (a) lab-grown f—— NBA player,” Travis Kelce replied.

“Listen, it’s not far off, let’s be honest,” his brother said.

Then, Travis Kelce’s next comment really sent Swifties into a tailspin.


Travis Kelce and taylor,

“Can’t wait ‘til I f—— make one,” he said.

The double entendre left Swift’s fans wondering if the football player was thinking about diamonds for a proposal or if he was eager to have a child with his superstar girlfriend.

Naturally, since everything Travis Kelce says about his relationship with Swift is closely analyzed, Jason Kelce reminded his brother about his choice of words.

“Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”

After the podcast episode debuted, many TIkTokers shared their interpretations of Travis Kelce’s comments. Some took the statement with a grain of salt and reminded fans that the Kelce brothers love to tease each other.

“Now, if you listen to ‘New Heights,’ you know that these two screw around like this a lot. This is not uncommon for these two brothers. But, I guess you never know,” TikTok user @playthehitslive said.

Several TikTokers commented on @playthehitslive’s post and shared a range of reactions.

“He knew what he was doing with that comment,” one wrote.

Travis Kelce supports Taylor Swift's big night at Golden Globes in an unexpected way during Chiefs game

Another shared the following comment: “I think Travis likes screwing with the swifties.”

Meanwhile, other social media users were divided on whether or not Travis Kelce was referring to an engagement or a baby.

“I think he meant that he can’t wait to make a human (baby). Still sweet but I don’t think he meant diamonds/engagement,” one suggested.

Some thought the football player’s statement was a reference to both.

“He was talking diamonds and babies!!!” another wrote.

Either way, he’s certainly getting plenty of practice being an uncle to Jason Kelce’s three children.

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