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Taylor Swift Wore This Posture-Correcting Sports Bra & Shoppers Say It ‘Really Does Work’



Taylor Swift on Stage in Japan,


Whether you lined up outside of stadiums to see the Eras Tour in person, sung along with the movie in theaters, or just followed the phenomenon on social media, chances are you saw at least a few clips of Taylor Swift‘s impressive choreography and energy (over a three-hour long show!) while belting out her hits. It’s no surprise that Swift’s Eras Tour workout routine was as intense as the tour itself, involving weight training and sprints on a treadmill, but one thing Swift doesn’t get enough credit for? Maintaining perfect posture through the whole set, something I personally have to respect (as I write this hunched over my laptop).

Thanks to a recent photo, we now have a little insight into how she did it. During an Eras Tour rehearsal, Swift was seen wearing a Forme Power Bra, an FDA-registered “posture correcting bra” that works to “improve your upper body alignment and body foundation.”


Taylor Swift TOP bra and Pant

Skeptical? That’s fair. According to Forme, the bra works in a few ways to help your posture, including muscle memory engagement and “proprioception training technology.” (Per the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, proprioception is the sense that helps you “perceive the location, movement, and action” of your body.) The bra is meant to keep your shoulders back and down, with the goal of training your body to maintain this alignment for improved athletic performance and recovery. It was designed, FYI, by an orthopedic surgeon whose mother was dealing with poor posture and compressed lungs due to cancer.

All in all, Forme says the bra will “transform your whole body alignment” in a way that should not only improve your posture, but also decrease any pain and stiffness you may be having — and the effect is supposed to be “instant,” as soon as you put the bra on.

We’ve now seen Swift wearing this alignment-focused sports bra, but she’s not the only one who’s tried it out. The Power Bra has over 1,000 reviews on Forme’s website for a 4.5-star average rating, and shoppers definitely seem to like it. “It really helps my posture and takes away the strain I have everyday in my neck,” one reviewer wrote. They also liked the style, adding that the bra is “long enough that I can wear it with high waisted shorts for a workout.”

“I was skeptical,” another shopper said, “but it really does work. I have 2 now and [am] about to purchase a third… Posture is corrected with consistent wear.” Another person simply wrote, “BACK PAIN GONE!”

Shoppers did note that the bra is uncomfortable at first, but said that it was just the bra working to realign their body. Otherwise, one person wrote, “the material is really soft and comfortable.”

It’s also worth noting that the Power Bra isn’t exactly cheap, currently coming in at $175. But if you struggle with posture or back pain and want a passive solution (just put it on and go about your day), it could be worth a try.

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