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“TRY TO RESPECT”: Fumed Simone Biles’ Fans Powerfully Defend Jonathan Owens Over Internet Trolls



Simone Biles’ Fans Defend Jonathan Owens


Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens have once again seized the spotlight in 2024, courtesy of some exciting developments in March. From Simone Biles’ vibrant 27th birthday celebrations to Jonathan Owens’ recent signing with the Chicago Bears, this month has been brimming with reasons for festivity and jubilation.

However, amidst the joyous occasions, some trolling and drama from 2023 resurfaced, attempting to cast a shadow over the couple’s spirits. Yet, in a heartening turn of events, Simone Biles’ impressive following of 7.1 million followers swiftly rallied to their defense, staunchly supporting the iconic gymnast and her NFL star husband, Jonathan Owens.


J Owens and Simone Biles

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ weekend of celebrations

On her Instagram profile, Simone Biles shared pictures from her birthday bash over the weekend in Chicago, Illinois. She treated her followers to a delightful six-image carousel post, showcasing her butterfly-themed party, her elegant black slip dress adorned with butterflies, a lavish marble bathroom, and, of course, her favorite person, husband Jonathan Owens. Among the images were candid moments of the couple enjoying their intimate celebrations together.

Biles captioned the post “365 days, but this one is mine.” The post swiftly garnered thousands of likes and comments, with fans praising the couple. However, amidst the sea of positivity, a few trolls attempted to sour the mood. Yet, in a heartwarming twist, Simone’s legion of fans swiftly came to her and Jonathan’s defense, reaffirming their support for the couple.

Fans powerfully defend Mr and Mrs Owens

On her Instagram post, comments poured in from fans around the world, all gushing about Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens. One fan ever wrote, “The queen’s birthday should really be a national holiday.” However, among the hoards of sweet comments, one individual dared to ask, “Who’s that rando in these pics?” about Jonathan Owens. In response, one supporter fired back, “Who is this rando in the comments.” While one said, “the man she loves & choose to marry. If you respect her try to respect her enough to keep your negativity to yourself. The note asks that you treat other people with respect when commenting… that would include her and her husband.”

Another fan wrote in the comments, “The man y’all disrespect occasionally (by not acknowledging him) did that for his baby. #hiswife.” In a futile attempt to provoke, another troll remarked, “The fact that you said “his” cause you didn’t even know his name was the best #simoneshusband.” Swiftly shutting down the negativity, another fan stood up for the couple, stating, “Pretty sure that’s not why he did that. But good try.” As fans steadfastly stand by Simone Biles in her defense of her husband, we eagerly anticipate witnessing how this year unfolds for the couple and their flourishing careers.

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