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WATCH: Brittany Mahomes Shares Heartwarming Videos of Her Children’s Nighttime Shenanigans





Brittany Mahomes, spouse of renowned NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has captured the adorable antics of her children, Sterling and Bronze, in a series of Instagram Stories. The clips showcase the siblings’ energetic “zoomies” before bedtime, along with Sterling’s charming rendition of a prayer.

Three-year-old Sterling and 18-month-old Bronze were spotted engaging in playful “zoomies” around their home, running excitedly and drumming on furniture. Brittany captioned the video, “Love the late night zoomies,” highlighting the children’s infectious laughter and joy.


Brittany Mahomes poses for a photo with her children Sterling and Bronze

In a subsequent clip, Sterling explained to her mother that the banging on the shelves was actually “making music.” Brittany encouraged her daughter and son to continue their musical expression, recognizing the need for them to release energy before winding down for the night.

After the “zoomies” session, Brittany shared a heartwarming video of Sterling reciting the classic bedtime prayer, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” Dressed in cozy pajamas, Sterling’s sweet and innocent voice filled the room, creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere for the family.

Bonding Moments and the Power of Prayer

The videos uploaded by Brittany Mahomes showcase the strong and loving bond between her and her children. They also emphasize the importance of letting children express their energy and creativity, especially before bedtime. The inclusion of Sterling’s bedtime prayer adds a tender and spiritual touch to the heartwarming family moments captured through the lens of Brittany.


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