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“YOU’RE AMAZING”: Fans can’t stop talking On social media as they show love to Little girl that gave Travis Kelce a Taylor Swift rubber duck



Travis Kelce with Taylor Swift rubber duck



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has had an awfully busy couple of weeks. Just recently, he’s been at Chiefs minicamp, a celebrity softball game and a ring ceremony. That packed schedule continued on Tuesday with Kelce in Nashville for Tight End University.

But despite girlfriend Taylor Swift’s concert in Cardiff, someone at TEU managed to pass along something to remind Kelce of Swift in her absence.

As the Chiefs tight end greeted campers, fans quickly noticed that Kelce appeared to be holding a Taylor Swift-inspired rubber duck. The toy duck had the 22 hat and a “Splash It Off” shirt, which was pretty great.

Seriously, though, nothing gets by Taylor Swift fans. How they were able to see the exact rubber duck from a short Twitter/X clip was impressive enough, and yet, we should have never doubted them.


someone gave Travis Kelce a Taylor Swift rubber duck

Kelce is expected to participate in TEU on Tuesday and Wednesday before heading over to France for a New Heights live show with brother Jason. After that, it looks likely that Kelce will reunite with Swift for the weekend’s Eras Tour shows in London.

In the meantime, fans loved that Kelce had that rubber duck with him at TEU camp.

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